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Seattle Reign FC is one of nine clubs competing in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL)

2014 season tickets are now available for purchase at
This is simply a fanpage and in no way affiliated with Seattle Reign FC, any players, staff, or other media sources used for content. All company names, products, logos, trade marks and any other proprietary intellectual property or otherwise belongs to the rightful owner, which is not me.

Even though the team name is in the URL, there is no implied, or otherwise agreement, joint venture, partnership, or other relationship between this site and Seattle Reign FC. (sadly. sob.)

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Lauren Barnes
Megan Brigman
Kiersten Dallstream
Kate Deines
Jess Fishlock
Kendall Fletcher
Danielle Foxhoven
Amanda Frisbie
Beverly Goebel
Haley Kopmeyer
Sydney Leroux
Kim Little
Carmelina Moscato
Mariah Nogueira
Megan Rapinoe
Elli Reed
Hope Solo
Keelin Winters
Laura Harvey

17 May 13


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    Despite the loss, they played so much better!!! Bogus & Noyola need to start more, ok Laura? Start them. Also back line...
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